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i feel sooooo confused about what i look like? am i fat am i skinny and i pretty or ugly i literally CAN’T TELL AT ALL. how i feel about my looks changes on a min to min basis and is mostly affected by my mood i am so confused what the HECK do i actually look like to u people. i feel like an alien in my body 

everyone is beautiful didnt you get it yet

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I think there’s a reason for everything

Like there’s a reason for why I went out of my comfort zone to give a good looking guy my number ( which we both know is completely odd for me to do because I can be so painfully shy),
There was a reason I liked you so much
There was a reason why I made every effort I could to see you any chance that I got
There’s a reason why I held onto you for so long
There was a reason we dated
There was a reason it all ended and we rarely talk

I guess there’s a reason for everything, and I’m still trying to figure out what that reason is..

(I wrote this for you)

I no longer know the password or actually email to this account anymore and there’s so many people follow me on here and I’m not sure if I’ll get any followers but my new account is perks-of-being-hannah
If you feel the need to follow me please do so I will be following back. Once I log out on my iPad I won’t have access to this anymore so follow me on there if it’s at all important.

Kinda sad. I’ve had this account for like 4 years and it’s all gone to waste because I can’t get the password or email anymore… But.. It’s for the better. I mean it’s still signed onto my phone but we all know how slow mobile blogging is…

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